OKI proColor C711WT
White Toner LED Laser Printer

No more having to screenprint or contour-cut with vinyl cutter/plotters to get white lettering or graphics! Print efficiently and easily with the new OKI Data proColor series C711WT laser fabric transfer printer. Using a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White toners, this heat transfer paper printer can print a full spectrum of rich, high-definition colors – including more than you’re used to!

This unique white toner technology also makes especially efficient use of the current self-weeding heat transfer papers currently available on the market, so you’re never limited by your printing again!

The OKI C711WT features a straight through media path to print up to 140lb weight media, transfer media up to 8.5″ x 14″, as well as a 530 sheet lower paper cassette to handle every-day printing. With easy to use printing drivers that allow you to control your printing details, the OKI proColor White Toner series offer heat transfer decorators a level of production and cost-efficiency that other processes just can’t match, on a large and short-run scale.

MSRP: $3,395

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A digital color printer that delivers a new set of creative possibilities.


proColor HD

HD color printing technology – now with the inclusion of white toner – for increased color depth, richer hues, and solid white coverage, that results in breathtaking digital output.


Think of the proColor C711WT as just a door to new business. With the cost efficient capability of short-runs production and limited set up compared to other offset printing processes, new customers just became more profitable than ever.

White Toner

The inclusion of white toner allows for printing onto textile and specialty medias, such as transparencies, transfers, and films, and colored card and paper stocks. Plus, no need for slow RIP softwares – with the white transfer printing modes and your favorite digital design software, using this revolutionary technology has never been easier.

Printing Power

Single Pass Color digital LED printing technology for sharp, crisp prints and a straight-through print path to handle up to 140lb cover and paper stock, and up to 8.5″ x 14″ sized prints to maximize your printing power.

 Why Print with White Toner?

The ability to print with white toner cannot be understated – for t-shirt transfer printers, it means the easiest dark t-shirt printing abilities, using Neenah’s self-weeding heat transfer papers for laser printers. Normally, the self-weeding papers are unable to transfer photographs, gradients, or pastel and light colors, creating many print limitations. However, with the unique white toner printer, you can always print a white “base” below the images, allowing for the use of these extremely convenient papers with NO limitations!

With Neenah’s self-weeding laser heat transfer printers, such as the Image Clip Laser Dark, full-color transfers onto dark garments with no excess background, such as the ‘dreaded white box’, has never been easier! Plus, thanks to the long lifespan of the OKI C711WT printer’s consumables, print costs for these custom designs can be just pennies on the sheet, compared to costly and lengthy set-ups required in other printing processes. For truly custom, easy, inexpensive t-shirt and apparel transfers, the OKI proColor White Toner Laser Printers absolutely cannot be beat.


OKI White Toner Laser Printers - C711WT and pro920WT

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