OKI proColor C831TS
CMYK LED Laser Printer

With the appealing print costs and production abilities of laser printers compared to inkjet processes, the development of textile transfer printing OKI Data printers is revolutionary for t-shirt and apparel decorators. The OKI C831TS is the newest CMYK printing laser printer in this line, and as an upgraded model of the since discontinued GO Uno transfer printer, offers many features and modifications to optimize its printing power specifically for transfer decoration printing! Depend less on outsourcing print jobs, by being able to bring the profits of high-definition specialty media printing in house. With a remarkably small footprint, the 831-TS is capable of printing up to 11″ x 17″ and even banner-size sheets up to 52″ long. Plus, the HD Color Printing technology delivers stunning results from the compact, easy-to-run printer, even on heavy stock and transfer media prints. As the replacement in the OKI transfer printing line for the GO Uno, that was incredibly successful, the 831TS printer features a larger overall print size, and also driver adjustments to optimize the printing power for the textile transfer industry. The driver offers standardized settings for light and dark transfer papers, as well as self-weeding transfer types, and papers for hard surface applications. The C831TS series from OKI features the best of big performance, with a compact design that will fit your needs, space, and budget.

MSRP: $2,095

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A CMYK LED laser printer that handles a wide range of media for ultimate productivity.

HD Color Printing

Crisp and precise printing with high-definition LED printheads, with customized driver modifications tailored to printing onto heat transfer paper for ultimate ease of use.


With the cost-efficient capability of printing multiple copies or just one, and a limited set-up compared to other textile decoration methods, new customers just became more profitable than ever.

OKI HD Toner

The c831TS uses OKI HD cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toners to create rich, vibrant prints in full detail like you’ve never seen before. With the photo quality of inkjet, and the production efficiency of laser printing, the c831TS is the perfect LED laser printer for all your transfer production needs.

Printing Power

Whether the C831TS is being used for cost-effective office printing, or producing high-definition specialty stock prints, the capabilities of the OKI C831 TS dramatically maximizes your printing power.
  • Prints up to 11″ x 17″ for huge possibilities. Full t-shirt printing is possible with the generous printable maximum of the c831TS, as well as efficient logo gang sheet production. Plus, the straight-through media path handles a wide range of heavy stock materials for ultimate printing versatility. Print transfer paper, card stock, banner media, transparent films, and so much more.
  • Designed with transfer paper printing in mind. In addition to the heavy stock weight printing capabilities, the c831TS also uses high-definition LED printheads to print with exacting accuracy, microfine high-definition, for breathtaking graphics and crisp text. The CMYK printer’s driver also features many modifications catering to transfer printing professionals, including specific driver settings. These media settings are made for Light and Dark Transfer Papers, as well as Light or Dark Self-Weeding Papers, and even a setting for Hard Surface Papers. This laser transfer printer from OKI was made to integrate perfectly into the professional t-shirt decorator’s workflow.
  • Breathtaking document output. HD Color Printing technology delivers stunning results from this compact, easy-to-use printer. With C831-TS Digital Color Printers from OKI® you get the most advanced color technology in the marketplace, plus an advanced control system that constantly checks alignment, registration and color balance. Now you no longer have to depend on outside services for printing your high-quality color documents.

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