Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark

Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics

Self-weeding transfer paper for dark colored apparel and fabric.


IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark heat transfer paper is a two-step press self-trimming/self-weeding paper. It is designed to beautifully transfer full-color images onto dark and bright colored t-shirts, while leaving as little feel as possible behind on the t-shirt, for a perfect and inexpensive t-shirt printing solution.This easy-to-use, two-step transfer paper eliminates the excessive and thick unprinted white background from other dark fabric heat transfer paper, that usually requires a lengthy vinyl cutter process to be trimmed.

Plus, IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark can be printed easily with the new OKI Data pro920WT and C711WT printers, and printing with white toner onto self-weeding papers like IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark is the perfect solution for quick, and unbelievably inexpensive costs-per-print t-shirt production! When printing with white toner printing solutions from OKI Data, there’s no limitations to what you can reproduce!