Neenah Heat Transfer Paper

for Light Fabrics

Heat Transfer Papers for White/Gray/Light Colored T-Shirts for the OKI proColor White Toner Laser Printers

Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light

Neenah’s IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light is a revolutionary heat transfer process that eliminates the most annoying aspect of heat transfers – the dreaded polymer window. The clear polymer surrounding the image is perhaps the most despised part of using heat transfer paper, but IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light’s two step process prevents the unnecessary polymer from being transferred with the desired image.

Being able to transfer images without the background border enhances the aesthetic quality of the finished product by allowing the image to shine through. It also allows decorators to easily apply heat transfers to 100% synthetic materials such as athletic apparel, making the garments comfortable and breathable.

IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light heat transfer paper offers you that ability. IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light performs best with images bold, solid colors, as well as logos and icons.


Neenah’s TECHNI-PRINT® EZP is the newest product from Neenah Paper Co. – the goal, simply: the easiest to use hot peel transfer paper for light and white colored garments. TECHNI-PRINT® EZP is revolutionary in the incredibly soft hand that it offers, and the wide range of laser printers it is able to be printed by, including fuser and fuser oil styles. It also transfers vibrant, rich colors making it perfect for mouse pads, coasters, puzzles, tote bags, and other materials!

for Dark Fabrics

Heat Transfer Papers for Dark/Colored T-Shirts for the OKI proColor White Toner Laser Printers

Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark

Neenah’s IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark heat transfer paper is a two-step press self-trimming/self-weeding paper. It is designed to beautifully transfer full-color images onto dark and bright colored t-shirts, while leaving as little feel as possible behind on the t-shirt, for a perfect and inexpensive t-shirt printing solution.This easy-to-use, two-step transfer paper eliminates the excessive and thick unprinted white background from other dark fabric heat transfer paper, that usually requires a lengthy vinyl cutter process to be trimmed.

Plus, IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark can be printed easily with the new OKI Data pro920WT and C711WT printers, and printing with white toner onto self-weeding papers like IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark is the perfect solution for quick, and unbelievably inexpensive costs-per-print t-shirt production! When printing with white toner printing solutions from OKI Data, there’s no limitations to what you can reproduce!

Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s

Neenah’s IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s is a laser heat transfer paper perfect for printing a bright, opaque white onto black and colored t-shirts! Plus, its simple to follow two-step pressing process trims any excess transfer background, so no lengthy vinyl cutter process is required! For quick and easy white text, graphic, and logo printing solutions, IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s is the perfect solution!

Plus, IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s can be printed easily with the new OKI Data pro920WT and C711WT printers, and printing self-weeding papers like IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s with white toners has great benefits! When printing with white toner printing solutions from OKI Data, you’re guaranteed the brightest white print on any color fabric apparel or textile.


Neenah’s LASER-ONE-OPAQUE® is an easy-to-use, ultra vibrant opaque transfer paper for accurately reproducing photographs, logos, and more onto dark and colored t-shirts. It has a thicker white base to the paper, so that all colors in a full-color photograph or graphic are represented truly as the original color, for a high-quality finished product. LASER-ONE-OPAQUE® offers superior durability to transfers onto fabric and apparel goods. It is not a self-weeding paper, and would require trimming by hand or with a vinyl cutter prior to application to remove any ‘excess background’ white.

for Hard Surfaces

Heat Transfer Papers for Ceramic, Wood, Metal, & MORE! for the OKI proColor White Toner Laser Printers

Neenah TECHNI-Print HS®

Neenah’s TECHNI-Print HS® is a new all-purpose heat transfer paper that excels at transferring design images to hard surface items such as mugs, phone inserts, metals, and more! The transfer process is simple and easy, and transfers full, photographic color to a wide variety of materials, with no excessive background polymer or adhesive. With consistent and professional looking results, TECHNI-Print HS® is sure to become one of your shop’s favorite transfer medias.

Neenah MUGS’n MORE

Print hard-surface items like name badges, name plates, metal tins, license plates, mugs, and more with Neenah’s MUGS’n MORE laser transfer paper