Digi-Trans Heat Transfer Paper

for Light Fabrics

Heat Transfer Papers for White/Gray/Light Colored T-Shirts for the OKI proColor White Toner Laser Printers

Digi-Trans Laser No Weed

Digi-Trans is a self-weeding paper for light and off-white colored fabrics that requires only one step in pressing to transfer the printed image without a background. The uniquely thin polymer background transfers ONLY the printed portion of the sheet, offering an incredibly soft hand onto the finished product – so soft, customers would never even guess it were heat transferred!

Plus, when using the Digi-Trans paper with the OKI White Toner laser transfer printers, the proColor 920 WT and C711 WT, even full-color photos, images, and logos can be transferred with no colors dropping out, and still retaining the self-weeding capabilities!