Dye Sublimation Consumables

Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers

Artesprix Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers

Transfer Drawings from Plain Paper to White or Light Colored Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Materials.

Unleash your inner artist! Now you can transfer your designs from plain paper to almost any polyester fabric or polyester coated items with our unique sublimation process.

Whether you want to design a personalized Mother’s Day gift, or sell custom creations on Etsy, with Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers from Artesprix you can make sure your drawing is just right before transferring the final image. What will you create with your Artesprix markers?

Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers are designed to allow you to add your personal touch to everyday items such as apparel and décor using the sublimation heat transfer process.

Premium Dye Sublimation Paper

Sihl Sublicolor Premium Paper

Sublimation papers with optimized coating for sublimation transfer printing conditions. Sublimation onto all possible polyester materials, such as flags, banners, advertising articles etc., but also optimal on hard substrates e.g. cups.

Printable with all standard aqueous sublimation inks, quick dry, excellent flatness, optimal transfer rate and high optical densities on substrates.

• 3272 – Sublicolor Premium Paper 105 matt
• 3277 – Sublicolor Premium Paper 85 matt
• 3278 – Sublicolor Premium Paper 65 matt

Universal Dye Sublimation Paper

Sihl Sublicolor Universal Paper

Specially coated sublimation papers for digital sublimation transfer: An all-rounder with excellent drying times and extremely high color transfer rates – Easy to handle, excellent performance. Suitable for interior design, advertising aids, soft signage etc.

For printing with aqueous sublimation inks, high color transfer, quick dry, sharp contour definition, reduced wet cockling, excellent flatness.

• 3782 – Sublicolor Universal Paper 70 matt
• 3792 – Sublicolor Universal Paper 90 matt

Sports Dye Sublimation Paper

Sihl Sublicolor Sports Paper

Sublimation papers for elastic fabrics (Stretch) in the field of sportswear, with a special heat activated adhesive: Sticks to the fabric during the transfer process and has to be peeled off afterwards.

The adhesion avoids undesired effects like ghosting and shrinking of the fabric. This increases productivity and reduces the waste rate to an absolute minimum.

• 3783 – Sublicolor Sports Paper 70 matt
• 3793 – Sublicolor Sports Paper 90 matt

SuperDry Dye Sublimation Paper

Sihl Sublicolor SuperDry Paper

Latest generation of instant dry sublimation papers, designed especially for the industrial high speed printers from Reggiani, MS-Italy, Durst or Mimaki.

For aqueous sublimation inks with an increased content of high boiling substances (i.e. Ricoh and Kyocera print heads), high color transfer, instant dry, reduced wet cockling, excellent flatness.

• 3781 – Sublicolor SuperDry Paper 75 matt
• 3791 – Sublicolor SuperDry Paper 95 matt